Why Do Hemorrhoids Itch and What To Do To Stop It

You know that feeling when you are walking in public, and suddenly you feel the itch coming from your bottom. You want to dig deep and scratch that feeling off and nothing is as important at that moment. As someone with hemorrhoids, I know how uncomfortable that itch can be. In this article, I will discuss my side of the story on why do hemorrhoids itch and how to prevent it from happening. 

Note: I’d like to add the following article discusses how to stop the hemorrhoid itch in external hemorrhoids. 

What causes hemorrhoid itch?

Hemorrhoids itch due to inflammation and skin irritation in the area around it. Both internal and external hemorrhoids can cause quite an uncomfortable itch. In the begging, I did not realize how important it was to keep the area clean, and when I say clean, I mean clean, spotless. 

Mucus, faces, or generally moisture can irritate the hemorrhoids, not allowing the area to dry and causing the constant itch. 

What to do to stop hemorrhoids itching. 

To stop hemmorhoids itching try the following suggestions:

Clean well after taking a poop.

Wiping any remaining fecal matter is your best bet to stop hemorrhoid itching. On top of this, a soiled area can further increase the chances of developing an infection, especially if you have hemorrhoid bleeding

To solve this, I bought myself a cheap bidet that does a perfect job of removing almost 99% of the yucky bits.

White toilet seat with bidet installed to help clean after pooping and fight discomfort from hemorrhoid itching
Toilet bidet

Use baby wipes (non-scented).

Another toilet staple is the baby/wet wipes. I can not imagine a trip to the bathroom with them. I take them with me on a plane or camping and even carry some with me in case I need some when the ’emergency’ calls. 

I’d suggest you try different brands, as I’ve noticed some of them are not as slippery, so they stick to the skin rather than slide, causing more pain. 

Dry well by patting the area with clean toilet paper.

The final step in a successful cleaning job involves patting the area with clean toilet paper. I do so to remove any leftover moisture from it. You do not want sweaty or wet crack (excuse my French), as it only escalates the itching. 

I’ve had an instance where I’m working or doing something important, and the sweat and heat start to irritate the area. I would go to the toilet and use dry toilet tissue to pat dry the moisture.

Home remedies for itching hemorrhoids. 

If the itching persists, I suggest you try one of the following home remedies to stop the hemorrhoids from itching. 

A warm bath for itching hemorrhoids. 

A warm bath is the perfect home remedy as it reduces inflammation and swelling. I like to keep the water cooler than warm, but that’s my personal preference. 10-20min is ideal. It may not look appealing, but you should spread your legs and cheeks so that the water can be in direct contact with the affected area. You will feel instant relief at the touch, and the itching should stop. 

Applying a cold compress to itching hemorrhoids.

Cold compress is something I use in extreme cases of hemorrhoid itching. Sometimes the itch is almost unbearable and requires me to take drastic measures to stop it. I’ve tried all sorts of different ways to achieve the desired result. From placing a small ice cube on my hemorrhoids to cold plugs that you keep in the freezer or fridge to cool down the burning sensation, you get from itchng. 

From experience, never place ice directly onto your skin, no matter how much you want to. I remember the first time grabbing a cube from the freezer and putting it on my a-hole… let’s say it was painful. Instead, wrap it in a towel to reduce the impact and still feel the temperature cooling of the area. Keep it for 10-15 minutes, but if you feel like it’s not enough, repeat the process with a new piece of ice. 


To summarise, if you are wondering why do hemorrhoids itch, it’s because of inflammation and irritation of the area. Keep it clean and dry at all times. Some home remedies to reduce the itching include taking a warm bath for 15-20 minutes and placing a cold compress on the area to stop the itching. These are only temporary relief from itching, it if does continue, it’s good to seek a doctor’s opinion. 

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As the author of this website, I have firsthand experience with hemorrhoids and want to share what works and what doesn't when it comes to treating this condition. I hope to offer my experience and support to others struggling with hemorrhoids, and provide helpful tips to live a pain-free life.