Can Essential Oils Help Hemorrhoids?

If you’ve ever come across the question, ‘Can essential oils help hemorrhoids?’ and wondered what the answer was, let me tell you that yes, they help (a lot!). 

Essential oils can work against inflammatory conditions, provide pain relief, and even serve as anti-microbial agents. These properties work well to alleviate some of the common symptoms you experience with hemorrhoids. And they help you manage other associated illnesses and conditions too. 

But which essential oils work especially well for hemorrhoids? Also, how do you use these oils correctly for the best results? 

As someone who’s struggled with hemorrhoids for years, here’s what I’ve learned. 

Best Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

The best essential oils to treat hemorrhoids are the ones that offer maximum benefit without flaring up the hemorrhoidal symptoms. 

Remember, this list is not in any particular order. So, you can pick and start with any of the oils or try out several oils based on preference and your hemorrhoidal condition. 

1.   Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint, as a herbal remedy, is used for everything from muscle aches and itching to common cold and irritable bowel syndrome. The essential oil is made from extracts of the plant’s leaves and flowery parts. I love the unmistakable cooling fragrance it has and the soothing effect it has when applied to hemorrhoidal itches and irritations. 

2.   Cypress Oil

Cypress oil may come in varieties, but I recommend the ones made from Mediterranean Cypress. Manufacturers extract the essence from the tree’s stem, leaves, and even fresh twigs. Correct topical application can help reduce hemorrhoidal inflammation and swollen veins. Plus, it has excellent anti-microbial and anti-fungal qualities that can help promote hygiene and fight infection. 

3.   Clove Essential Oil

This oil comes from dried clove buds that go through distillation and extraction. The product may come as lightly colored oil that works alone or in combination with other topical creams prescribed for hemorrhoids. It serves as a pain reliever when your hemorrhoidal pain starts acting up. Also, clove oil can fight against harmful bacteria that aggravate your affected skin. 

4.   Frankincense Essential Oil

Many consider this oriental treatment oil as a universal comforter for any inflammation and pain-causing illnesses. Extracted from the hard resins of the Boswellia tree, frankincense continues to be a must-have on my list of essential oils for hemorrhoids. You can apply it topically in the anal area or inhale it as a form of aromatherapy. 

5.   Tea Tree Essential Oil

This essential oil serves as an antiseptic ointment and anti-inflammatory oil. So, the benefits double up when used to treat hemorrhoidal symptoms. You can dilute Tea tree oil with other milder essential oils or creams if the aroma and effect are too strong for your condition. 

How to use Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

Essential oils offer a host of healing benefits regardless of your medical condition. However, I’ve found that careful topical treatment offers the best results when it comes to hemorrhoids. 

Here’s how I prepare and apply the oils. 

Step 1: Pick your oil

I’ve already listed five of the most result-oriented essential oils for treating hemorrhoids. However, you can try alternatives like Dill essential oil, horse chestnut oil, Myrtle essential oil, etc., if those are more up your alley. Choose one you prefer and keep the bottle ready. 

Step 2: (OPTIONAL): Pick a diluting oil

Choose a milder oil to mix with your primary essential oil. I like to call this ingredient the ‘diluting oil’ because it mixes with the primary oil and shaves off some of the strong odor or effects. Many of these prized essential oils come with prominent fragrances that may cause burning sensations. 

Hemorrhoids can sensitize the affected area to the point where strong oils burn or cause discomfort. My personal favorites are mild coconut oil or Jojoba oil. 

Step 3: Blend the solution

Mix your primary essential oil and the diluting oil to create a balanced liquid that retains all of the healing potency with none of the discomforts. My personal formula is to add two drops of the primary oil to a tablespoon of the diluting oil. But you can experiment with different ratios and portions to see what suits you best. 

Step 4: Cleanse your bottom

Use warm water and a medically-approved soap to cleanse your anal area. Proper hygiene will ensure that the essential oil works to maximum effect. Unsanitary skin will increase the risk of infection and reduce the beneficial properties of the essential oil too. 

Step 5: Apply the solution

Finally, dip a soft cloth or cotton ball into the oil solution. Then, use the dabbed part of the cloth or cotton to gently apply the mixture to the affected area. Be extra gentle if you have prolapsed hemorrhoids because your skin and tissues will remain more sensitive. Use soft circular motions to ensure that the oil makes its way to every inch of the affected area. 

Bonus Tips for Using Essential Oils for Hemorrhoids

Cleaning or treating hemorrhoids with warm water is a common practice for most people. Add a few normal drops of your favorite essential oil to the bath and experience faster healing and soothing comfort from hemorrhoidal symptoms. 

If the results remain satisfactory, you can perform the topical treatment a few times every day. 

Keep your anal area clean and hygienic. Improper cleaning of the affected area will negate the healing and soothing effects of the essential oil. So, a thorough cleansing of the affected area is a must before you apply any oils or ointments. 

Keep a close eye on the essential oils’ effects on your skin. Stop using it if you feel that the oil is causing any irritation or reaction in the affected region. Consult your personal physician and see if the oil is reacting poorly to your skin. Get your doctor’s opinion on which essential oils may suit your skin better. 


So, can essential oils help hemorrhoids? Yes, there’s no doubt that they can! 

It’s only a matter of choosing the right essential oils for your skin and body. You’ll find that correct usage will yield other benefits that go beyond hemorrhoidal symptoms. 

Learn how oils and other home remedies can fight inflammation and help reduce the discomfort of hemorrhoids. 

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As the author of this website, I have firsthand experience with hemorrhoids and want to share what works and what doesn't when it comes to treating this condition. I hope to offer my experience and support to others struggling with hemorrhoids, and provide helpful tips to live a pain-free life.