Can Hemorrhoids Pop?

“Can hemorrhoids pop?” is a common question among people struggling with hemorrhoidal symptoms. The answer is yes, it can. 

However, the risks associated with hemorrhoids popping are minimal in most cases if you know how to care for it. 

Today, I’ll take you through the causes, concerns, and all related questions about this unpleasant hemorrhoidal development. 

What causes hemorrhoids to pop?

Hemorrhoids can pop when there is ulceration or breakage of the blood clots or inflammation in your tissue. It doesn’t happen every time you get hemorrhoids. So, there’s no need to panic or dread. 

Hemorrhoids can sometimes lead to disruption of blood flow, which affects the surrounding tissue. Blood clots can form in these tissues and reduce or restrict the normal functioning of your arteries or veins. That’s when thrombosed hemorrhoids occur. 

With continued swelling, it can lead to ruptured tissue and skin abrasions. Naturally, this causes blood to flow out, giving the impression of your hemorrhoids being popped.  

Can you pop hemorrhoids?

The swollen veins from hemorrhoids can burst and cause bleeding. But you should not pop the veins intentionally. It’s dangerous, and it’s the same as wounding your tissue by cutting or pricking (which you would never do on purpose). 

Anyone who tries to pop hemorrhoids is creating an open wound in the affected area which will lead to avoidable bleeding. If you have prolapsed hemorrhoids (swollen veins visible outside the anus), this action will cause even more bleeding than normal. 

Another risk is that the open wound will serve as an entryway for harmful bacteria. Infections in your intestines or rectum will aggravate the hemorrhoids and require specialized medical attention too. Human excrement contains bacteria that should be sent out of the body. But open tissue poses a higher risk of these organisms making their way back into your body. 

In extreme cases, even a small infection can grow in other organs and parts of the body. This dispersal will cause more pain, inconvenience, and expensive medical treatment. 

Can external hemorrhoids pop?

Popping the hemorrhoids yourself is not advisable. However, the swollen tissue may develop ruptures on its own. 

External hemorrhoids can lead to thrombosis, where blood clots develop along the tissue. With the added pressure of daily movement and passing of stool, hemorrhoids will burst and lead to bleeding. You’ll feel a painful and uncomfortable lump around the anal area when this rupture happens. 

In most cases, the

will stop on its own. And home remedies like dabbing with witch hazel or medical ointments will help you heal. 

However, profuse bleeding can mean more dangerous implications. So, the best move is to consult your doctor immediately. 

Doctors may choose from a variety of procedures and treatments if your external hemorrhoidal bleeding becomes serious. But such medical intervention is rarely required. 

Can internal hemorrhoids pop?

Yes. Internal hemorrhoids can also pop and cause bleeding too. Blood clots formed inside the rectum can give way when there is additional pressure on the swollen veins. 

A clear sign of internal hemorrhoids popping is when you experience continued bleeding from your rectum. Other symptoms may include irritation and moderate pain in the anal area. 

You should not ignore persistent bleeding, regardless of whether it’s internal or external hemorrhoids. Consult a qualified doctor at the earliest to ensure quick and suitable treatment. Serious cases of internal hemorrhoid bursting may require clinical treatment by a specialist doctor. 

For instance, your doctor may recommend Sclerotherapy, a procedure where your hemorrhoid gets injected with a liquid solution that helps in shrinking it. Another procedure is Electrocoagulation, which uses electrocution to stop the blood supply to the affected tissues.  

How long does a burst hemorrhoid take to heal?

Mild cases of hemorrhoidal bleeding should not take more than 10-15 minutes at the most. The bleeding should happen momentarily and stop on its own. 

However, ruptured hemorrhoids happen in different degrees of severity. While some are moderate and last for less than a minute, others can become more severe and require medical attention.  

Mild bleeding may occur every once in a while. For example, bowel movement can cause bleeding if hard stool passes through the intestines and aggravates the swollen tissue. This type of bleeding is normal when you have hemorrhoids. And you should not be too alarmed as long as it passes quickly. 

Ensure that your diet includes high-fiber foods or take some fiber supplements to balance out your food intake. Try to avoid lifting heavy household objects which put extra pressure on your lower abdomen. This added pressure may cause hemorrhoids to pop or bleed unnecessarily. 

Do hemorrhoids hurt after they pop?

Yes, there’s a good chance that you may experience pain or irritation when your hemorrhoids burst. 

Like any other body part, scarring or tearing of the swollen tissue will cause some pain. In most instances, you’ll only experience some moderate irritation and discomfort. But severe scarring may cause increased pain. 

It’s best to look for medical attention immediately to be on the safe side. It’s best to have qualified medical professionals examine your hemorrhoids and decide whether the case is mild or requires clinical treatment. 

A good way to prevent your hemorrhoids from acting up is by hydrating constantly. Drinking the appropriate amount of water every day will ensure timely bowel movement and softer stool. That means there’s less risk of your hemorrhoids popping and causing pain in the affected area. 

You can also try over-the-counter products that soften your stool. However, consult your physician to ensure safe consumption and the correct choice of products. 

Some doctors may also prescribe hemorrhoid pain relievers if your aches and sores get excessive. 


So, can hemorrhoids pop? Yes, they can. Should I be frightened? In most cases, no. 

Hemorrhoids bursting can worry anyone because it causes immediate bleeding. Procedures like rubber band litigation and hemorrhoid stapling are treatments that doctors may recommend depending on your case. However, most instances of hemorrhoids popping cause only momentary bleeding. 

It’s best to consult your physician to make sure the scar or abrasion is not serious.

Small tweaks in your lifestyle can prevent the bursting of hemorrhoids. Learn how you can avoid conditions like constipation which can lead to hemorrhoids popping. 

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