Is Witch Hazel Extract Good For Hemorrhoids?

The short answer to the question, ‘Is witch hazel extract good for hemorrhoids?’ is YES because witch hazel offers a variety of anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities. 

But how do you use it, and how does it help? As someone who’s used witch hazel for various conditions, I’m here to answer all your pressing questions on the matter.

Let’s begin! 

What Is Witch Hazel Used For?

We know that witch hazel works wonders for treating hemorrhoids. It’s among the best home remedies to relieve the unpleasant symptoms caused by the condition. 

But witch hazel’s curative properties offer a variety of other benefits besides hemorrhoids. Here are some practical ways to use witch hazel at home for other conditions. 

·      Skin irritation

People who struggle with sensitive skin will be happy to know that witch hazel can improve the ill effects of any irritation that develops on your skin. Ointments with witch hazel can relieve the reddening effects of Erythema (skin irritation through infection). 

·      Treating Inflammation

Chronic inflammation remains an unpleasant symptom of many conditions and infections, including hemorrhoids. Witch hazel solutions contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe body tissues and swollen areas. 

·      Acne cure

Check out the labels of successful acne ointments. There’s a good chance that witch hazel is in the ingredients. It helps shrink your pores and contracts the skin to prevent infectious bacteria from aggravating the skin. 

·      Scalp sensitivity

Skin conditions like psoriasis can irritate the scalp and cause itchiness or discomfort. There’s no surprise why witch hazel is a part of many shampoos used for scalp relief. 

Can I Use Witch Hazel On My Bum?

Yes. You can apply witch hazel to the hemorrhoids-affected area in your backside. Witch hazel solutions serve to alleviate swelling, promote relief, and prevent discomfort in the bum area. 

For hemorrhoid sufferers, the butt is the primary area where most of the discomfort and pain occur. And the irritation follows you everywhere because you cannot sit comfortably or relax properly on a chair. 

So, using your witch hazel as a non-prescription ointment is recommended by most caregivers. Even people who recovered from severe hemorrhoids report that using witch hazel products in their butt was a regular part of their treatment exercises at home. 

Does Witch Hazel Burn The Anus?

Moderate amounts of witch hazel will not burn or aggravate pain in the anus. Instead, it should provide some relief from the irritation and discomfort of swollen veins caused by your hemorrhoids. 

A lot of people ask me if witch hazel solutions are too strong for sensitive tissue like your anal area. You need not worry excessively as long as you don’t overdo the ointment. 

Personally, I stick to modest amounts of witch hazel whenever my hemorrhoids start acting up. A smaller portion ensures that the relief is clear. And it helps prevent any irritation from excessive chemical treatment. 

To put your worries to rest, witch hazel should not burn or irritate your anus if used in reasonable amounts. 

How To Use Witch Hazel Extract For Hemorrhoids?

Treating hemorrhoids with witch hazel extracts is a fairly straightforward process. However, the exact method of application will depend on what kind of product you use. 

Witch hazel extracts come in a wide variety of products and types. Let’s get a rundown of the most common types and how to use each product. 

·      Witch Hazel Medical Wipes/Pads

Medical wipes designed for hemorrhoids often include witch hazel extracts as a primary ingredient. After every bowel movement, use witch hazel wipes to clean your anus gently instead of ordinary toilet paper with a rough texture. Cleaning the anal area softly with these wipes will cleanse the area and provide relief too. 

·      Witch Hazel Water

You can also purchase witch hazel water from local stores. Pour a small amount on a soft pad and dab the affected area thoroughly. The hazel water will come into contact with the swollen tissue and help decrease the swelling. 

·      Witch Hazel Ointment

Many anti-inflammatory ointments come with witch hazel extracts as part of the contents. Find one that has a higher concentration of witch hazel. Squeeze out a pea-sized portion of the ointment on a cotton ball or on your fingertips (make sure your hands are squeaky clean). Gently apply the ointment to the anal tissue and the area where you experience pain. 

How Often Should You Put Witch Hazel On Hemorrhoids?

How frequently you use witch hazel products also depend on the severity of your hemorrhoids and their symptoms. 

For instance, mild hemorrhoids may only need witch hazel treatments once a day for relief. If the symptoms are more extreme, you can increase the number of times you use the pads or ointment. 

Under normal circumstances, use your witch hazel wipes every time you experience bowel movement. This will help keep the area clean and hygienic and provide soothing effects too. 

You can use the witch hazel ointment two or three times a day, depending on your convenience. But you can increase topical application if you feel that your hemorrhoids are swelling up during the day and the discomfort is increasing. 

When Should I Not Use Witch Hazel?

You should stop using witch hazel immediately if you notice bleeding. Also, under no circumstances should you ingest witch hazel orally for hemorrhoids.

Regardless of which witch hazel product you use, stop immediately if the hemorrhoids are getting worse. Also, consult a medical professional first if you experience an increase in inflammation or irritation after using witch hazel treatment. 

Witch hazel extracts remain safe and effective for hemorrhoids in most instances. But any unexpected side effects should make you stop and get professional advice first. 


So, is witch hazel extract good for hemorrhoids? In most instances, it is. Given how easy it is to purchase and apply, most users agree that witch hazel remains a go-to option for treating hemorrhoids at home. 

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