Epsom Salt Bath For Hemorrhoids

People who hear about using Epsom salt baths for hemorrhoids may wonder if the benefits truly exist. Those on the fence may be happy to learn that it’s a remedy that has obvious benefits for gaining some relief from the discomforts of hemorrhoids. 

However, the crucial step is to understand how the bath works, how it helps symptoms and the recommended practices that make it good for hemorrhoids. 

Here’s all you wanted or need to know about how to use Epsom salt bath for hemorrhoids. 

What Is An Epsom Salt Bath, And How Does It Work For Hemorrhoids?

Epsom salt serves as a home remedy for a wide variety of physical problems. My extended circle of health enthusiasts uses it to find relief for everything from skin irritation and sore feet to stiff joints and sunburns. 

In most instances, they administer it through a bath by soaking the affected area. Friends swear by the fact that it works like a charm. And I have to admit it has worked on more occasions than not, in my case too. 

Here’s how I draw an Epsom salt bath for hemorrhoids. 

  • Fill your bathtub or sitz bath with a few inches of warm water, depending on comfort. For regular bathtubs, you can let the water come up to about five inches. For sitz baths, keep the water level such that it doesn’t flow over when you occupy it. 
  • Test the water for ideal warmth. You should keep the water hot enough to dissolve the added salt easily. But not so scalding that it burns your skin. 
  • Pour about 1.5 or 2 cups of Epsom salt into the tub. Let it sit for a minute allowing the water to absorb the powder. 
  • Lower yourself into the tub, ensuring that your anal area and lower buttocks submerge in the water. 
  • Keep your anal area soaked for 15-20 minutes. 
  • Once done, rinse yourself and pad dry the affected area. 

This practice will serve as a natural treatment for the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Over time, you may experience less irritation, less itching, increased relaxation, reduced constipation, and relief from constipation too. 

Can An Epsom Salt Bath Help With Hemorrhoids?

Yes. Epsom salt baths are proven to help with hemorrhoid symptoms, and there are reports of many people finding relief with this remedy. 

Bath filled with warm water and a bowl of epsom salt with exfoliating brush

Here are some ways an Epsom salt bath may assist in recovery from hemorrhoids. 

  • Reduced Irritation

One of the most uncomfortable effects of hemorrhoids is the constant irritation you have to go through. Epsom salt may soften the skin and tissue in the affected area, resulting in less itching and fewer irritations. 

The salt bath can also help clean and sanitize the affected area, which promotes faster healing and recovery. 

  • Help With Inflammation

External hemorrhoids are usually the result of inflamed tissue that begins to stick out. Baths with Epsom salt will help soothe the swollen tissues leading to more relief and comfort. 

The magnesium sulfate present in Epsom salt serves as a natural remedy for inflammation of any type. And most people I know take advantage of this quality to find relief from the unpleasant effects of hemorrhoids. 

  • Healing Assistance

The warm water and soothing qualities of Epsom salt can ease the muscles around your rectum. This effect leads to better blood flow and circulation in the affected area. So, these tissues get more oxygen supplied to the affected parts. Also, the nutrients get directed to these muscles. 

The result is that healing from experience is more pleasant and faster. 

  • Better Hygiene

Epsom salt will help cleanse the tissues and skin around the hemorrhoids. Use a clean pad to dab and clean the area after the bath. 

The warm water will also help clean your tissues, making them heal faster and reducing discomfort. 

How Often Do I Need To Take Epsom Salt Baths?

There’s no strict or mandatory rule on how often you should indulge in Epsom salt baths. But my experience shows that you should try to get one at least once a day. Most people recommend an Epsom salt bath after every visit to the loo. 

Consistent home treatment allows the positive effects to linger around longer. And regular cleansing and soothing with Epsom salt bath will accumulate to give you more relief and comfort by the end of the week. 

Most hemorrhoid sufferers I know to do it two or three times a day. They believe that the bath helps them relax and ease up after a long day of walking around with hemorrhoids. So, the benefit of lightening the burden is also another advantage to consider. 

I believe that you can go for sitz baths more frequently. That’s because they’re easier to set up if you have a sitz bathtub at home. And you can place it ready on the toilet easily. Epsom salt baths on large tubs aren’t as easy to set up immediately. So, switching between the two options may be a good idea. 

Of course, don’t overdo your salt baths. Home remedies like these should be performed in moderation because you never know what risks lie ahead. 

Are There Any Risks Or Drawbacks To Taking Epsom Salt Baths For Hemorrhoids?

An adequate and controlled pattern of Epsom salt baths will help you get relief from hemorrhoid symptoms. But overdoing it may result in a variety of other side effects, which can make your symptoms worse. 

Epsom salt has concentrations of magnesium sulfate which is typically good for the body if used correctly. But excessive use may lead to reactions or unpleasant consequences. 

For instance, some people may develop rashes or skin infections when exposed to the chemical. So, try with a small dose and a short bath if it’s your first time. And avoid continuing if you develop any reactions or itchiness after the bath. 

However, moderate use should show benefits for most people who do not suffer from an allergy to Epsom salt. 


Home remedies for afflictions like hemorrhoids are many. But not all of them work or deliver the expected results. Using an Epsom bath for hemorrhoids remains one of the most trusted and proven ways to ease the symptoms today. 

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