Can Yogurt Help With Hemorrhoids?

One of the most common questions regarding dietary remedies for piles is, ‘Can yogurt help with hemorrhoids?’ 

The short answer is that it can. Yogurt belongs to the group of probiotic foods that help ease inflammation and lessen the severe symptoms brought by hemorrhoids. But that doesn’t mean it’s a surefire cure for the condition. 

Learn all that you need to answer the pressing question of, ‘Can yogurt help with hemorrhoids?’

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Consuming Yogurt For Hemorrhoids?

Irregular bowel movement is a leading cause of hemorrhoids in people. And if you want to experience any relief, addressing this cause remains an important first move. 

Yogurt contains probiotics that help bodily functions, especially in your gastrointestinal tract. They can contribute towards restoring the good bacteria that aid in breaking down food and digestion. 

I know from personal experience that there are multiple benefits of consuming yogurt for hemorrhoids. 

For one, the probiotics will promote better gut health and possibly rid you of poor bowel movement. For instance, constipation can aggravate existing hemorrhoids making them more painful or uncomfortable. With improved gut and stomach health, constipation may go away, resulting in relief and comfort from your hemorrhoid problems. 

Another potential benefit of yogurt for hemorrhoids is its cool texture. Friends of mine have revealed that applying a small portion of yogurt to the affected area results in cold relief. Now, I haven’t tried this one myself. So, I leave it to you to consider this remedy. 

Can A Diet That Contains Yogurt Help Prevent Or Alleviate Hemorrhoid Symptoms?

Yes. There’s enough evidence and first-hand experience of hemorrhoid sufferers that show that consuming yogurt helps with hemorrhoids. 

To be clear, yogurt is not a medication that fixes hemorrhoids directly. But it has properties that may help alleviate the unpleasant symptoms. So, adding it as an ingredient or consuming it as dessert along with other healthy food items may serve to ease your hemorrhoid troubles. 

There is substantial research out there that suggest that yogurt may ease inflammation. One of the most uncomfortable and distressing symptoms of hemorrhoids is inflammation. So, any assistance you get from natural remedies that address this problem is appreciated. 

I’ve found that the benefits are clear when you carve out a proper diet that includes other nutrients and ingredients. For example, add a lot of fiber to your diet for healthy digestion and to restore normal bowel movements. That means you can indulge in leafy veggies, lentils, berries, prunes, and all your favorite fruits! 

So, it’s not just the yogurt that helps reduce your hemorrhoid symptoms. It’s a combination of high-fiber and healthy food items that help the process. 

Are There Specific Types Of Yogurt That Are Better For Hemorrhoid Sufferers?

Yes. Yogurt with the desired probiotics and live culture are the ones that will help ease your hemorrhoids. These bacteria also come in varieties. But the common ones you want to have are Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, etc. 

Look for yogurt products that are plain yogurt that’s not sweetened for taste. More importantly, check the labels and container to see if it contains live cultures. 

Manufacturers may use labels such as ‘live cultures’ or ‘active cultures’ to imply that the fermentation process used to produce the yogurt included healthy bacteria that are good for your gut. 

Avoid labels that include artificial or excessive sweetening. Healthy yogurt should not contain 15 grams of sugar per serving. Also, flavored yogurts may be delicious, but the flavoring process may remove or kill healthy probiotics. So, stick to the safe brands, keep it simple, and enjoy the dessert. 

How Much yogurt Should Someone Consume In Order To Potentially See Benefits For Their Hemorrhoids?

The exact amount of yogurt you consume should depend on its contents and ingredients. For example, Greek yogurt may come with nonfat milk in some cases, while other brands manufacture it with whole milk. You want to stick to the low-fat option and avoid the milky, fatty yogurt. 

In most cases, restrict your yogurt consumption to one cup per day or two at the most. Increasing the intake may lead to weight gain or obesity risks. Weight gain will introduce more pressure to your abdomen and pelvic area. That’s not good for hemorrhoids and inflammatory conditions. 

However, stick to your doctor’s advice if the probiotic yogurt comes as a prescribed supplement. In this case, the doctor will recommend the advisable quantity you should take. And sticking to this advice will give you the maximum benefit. 

Like any other food item, yogurt consumption can lead to more problems than benefits if not taken responsibly. That’s what we’ll discuss in the next paragraph so that it serves as a reminder to prevent abuse or misuse of this food item. 

Are There Any Potential Drawbacks Or Risks Associated With Consuming Yogurt For Hemorrhoids?

The anticipated torubles of consuming yogurt for hemorrhoids lie in the type of yogurt you take and the quantity you consume. 

Excessive indulgence in yogurt may aggravate your hemorrhoids instead of relieving the symptoms. 

Full-fat yogurts have more fat than the low-fat option. And your body takes longer to break down and digest fat compared to other nutrients. Delayed digestion may lead to harder stool, increasing the pressure on inflamed tissues. And trust me when I say it’s not a fun experience. 

Yogurts that contain concentrated amounts of sugar will also cause digestive issues in your stomach. And if they begin causing constipation, you can expect the hemorrhoids to get worse before they see any improvement. 

Another important risk to consider is your body’s response to dairy products. Some people have a low tolerance for dairy products. In such cases, even a cup of yogurt may lead to problems with digestion. In turn, this indigestion will worsen the effects of the hemorrhoids. 

Closing Note

A proper diet and the correct choice of nutrients can help ease the effects of hemorrhoids. And yogurt offers probiotic properties that may aid in this regard. So, the answer to the question, ‘Can yogurt help with hemorrhoids?’ is more often yes, than no. 

However, remember to exclude products that include excessive sugar or fats. Flavored yogurts should come as an occasional indulgence. And consult your hemorrhoid doctor if you have any reactions or allergies related to dairy products. 


Is yogurt good for hemorrhoids?

Yes, yogurt is good for hemorrhoids because of its anti-inflammatory and helps you poop easier.

Is greek yogurt good for hemorrhoids?

Yes, greek yogurt is great for hemorrhoids. In my view, it is the best and healthiest option out of any other type of yogurt.

Should I eat yogurt for hemorrhoids if I am lactose intolerant.

No, you should avoid eating dairy products if you are lactose intolerant. Yogurt, cheese and milk are high in lactose and may irritate the anal area worsening the hemorrhoids.

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