Can Hemorrhoids Cause Lower Back Pain?

Can hemorrhoids cause lower back pain you ask? No, they don’t! But, this fact is subjective to many other health issues associated with hemorrhoids. According to research, approximately 75% of adults will suffer from hemorrhoids at least once in their lives! It has become a common medical problem and is easily treatable if proper care is taken. 

The symptoms associated with hemorrhoids are many. Back pain or lower back pain that comes with hemorrhoids may likely be associated with the position you sleep or sit in when you have hemorrhoids and not a direct symptom per se. So, can hemorrhoids cause lower back pain? It doesn’t, but there are slight chances you may get one if you’re not careful. 

Hemorrhoids will not give you lower back pain directly. It will depend on the position you mostly rest when you have hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids cause several symptoms depending on the kind of hemorrhoids. 

Internal hemorrhoids are inside so you don’t feel much discomfort except for some blood in the stool. However, with external hemorrhoids that develop outside of the rectum/ anus, the symptoms can become unbearable sometimes. 

These symptoms may compel you to lie in certain positions which can eventually give you lower back pain. It is not so much to do with lower back pain but tailbone pain instead. Tailbone pain is a symptom that is commonly seen among people with hemorrhoids. 

So, no, hemorrhoids and lower back pain are not related unless you’ve slept or sat for long in the wrong position because of hemorrhoids. 

However, here’s another theory on how hemorrhoids may affect your lower back. Hemorrhoids cause the blood vessels to swell, thus causing restriction in proper blood flow around the area. This could be a probable cause of lower back since blood flow doesn’t reach all parts of the body smoothly. 

Another problem is also with the location of the piles. Since you cannot exactly know where it is located, there may be chances of the tailbone muscles being affected, thus causing lower back pain. It may sometimes be difficult to ascertain which part of your back is hurting. 

Can the pain caused by hemorrhoids radiate to the lower back region?

No, there is no scientific evidence to connect lower back pain with hemorrhoids directly. If you have hemorrhoids and are suffering from lower back pain, it may be because of other reasons. 

Suffering from hemorrhoids is a painful experience and may cause many symptoms such as bleeding, itching, constipation, swelling around your anus, irritation, discomfort, and more. These symptoms may force you to lie in uncomfortable positions and that is what may cause lower back pain. 

The pain caused by hemorrhoids is localized around the anus/ rectum and is not likely to radiate to your lower back. However, prolonged sitting or lying in one place may lead to lower back pain in people with hemorrhoids. 

 Is lower back pain a common symptom of hemorrhoids, or is it a rare occurrence?

Lower back pain is not a common symptom of hemorrhoids. It is not a direct symptom even but could be an associated symptom. As mentioned above, hemorrhoids can cause great discomfort and lead you to rest in positions that could hurt your lower back with time. 

Constipation is also a common symptom among people with hemorrhoids since they have difficulty applying any form of pressure. This may lead to prolonged sitting in the toilet which may eventually cause lower back pain or tailbone pain. 

Also, any issue related to the anus might likely cause tailbone pain. The answer lies in the way the muscles around the area react. The levator muscles work together with the anal sphincters to control bowel movements. These muscles begin from the front of the pelvis and end behind the pelvis with some muscles connecting to the tailbone directly. 

Hence, due to this connection, it is likely that any movement or discomfort in the anus will affect the tailbone and cause pain. 

What kind of pain do hemorrhoids cause?

 Hemorrhoids are of there different types, and the kind of pain or symptoms depend on the type. The three kinds of hemorrhoids and their associated pains are:

Internal hemorrhoid: 

Internal hemorrhoids form inside the rectum( about an inch inside the anus). You may not feel hemorrhoid but will feel pain when you pass stool. You may experience bleeding when you attempt to push through the anal opening. 

External hemorrhoid:

External hemorrhoid forms outside the rectum as a lump. This is due to swelling of the blood vessels which causes discomfort. You may experience symptoms such as itching or irritation around the anal region, pain, or bleeding

Thrombosed hemorrhoid:

A thrombosed hemorrhoid is when there is blood clotting in external hemorrhoid. This is a serious form of the condition and can cause severe pain. A hard lump near your anus will cause severe discomfort and inflammation. 

For pain relief from hemorrhoids, there are medical treatments as well as home remedies. For instant relief from pain and itchiness, soaking the anal area in warm water with Epsom salt is a good option. 

You can even use topical ointments to promote wound healing and heal anal fissures. Antibiotics are also administered in severe cases. 


Many people wonder “can hemorrhoids cause lower back pain?” The simple answer is no, it doesn’t! You can experience lower back pain due to several reasons with or without hemorrhoids. But, if you have the pain and are suffering from hemorrhoids, then it could be because of a bad/ wrong position you slept in due to hemorrhoids. 

Sitting on the toilet seat for long, or lying on one side for prolonged periods are all major causes of lower back pain. Hemorrhoid is a medical condition that feels very comfortable and causes severe pain when proper care is not taken. 

Though lower back pain and hemorrhoids are not related, it is best to take care of your back when you are suffering from piles. 


Can hemorrhoids cause sciatic pain?

There is no scientific research to link hemorrhoids and sciatic pain.

Can hemorrhoid pain radiate to legs?

The homorrhoid pain is localized to the anal area and is unlikely to radiate to the legs.

Can hemorrhoids cause nerve pain?

There is no direct link between hemorrhoids and nerve pain, however, the pressure buildup in the veins around the anus can press on and irritate the nearby nerves, causing discomfort.

Can hemorrhoids cause groin pain?

Hemorrhoids do not directly cause groin pain in both women and man.

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