Herbal Remedies for Hemorrhoids: A Practical Guide

Have you been avoiding that dreadful trip to the doctor? Maybe you fear the prospects of grim hemorrhoidal surgeries or overpriced medication they may recommend. 

There’s no full substitute for proper medical treatment when hemorrhoids become unbearable. But herbal remedies serve as excellent alternatives when the condition is mild, or symptoms are moderate. 

Even when your hemorrhoids are severe, the right herbal solutions can help reduce the pain, minimize symptoms, and provide relief from the discomfort. 

And here’s all that you need to know. 

How Herbal Remedies Can Help Manage Hemorrhoids

Most medical solutions for hemorrhoids involve topical treatments that provide pain relief, anti-inflammatory treatment, or reduce the sensitivity and discomfort of the affected area. 

All topical creams and ointments contain ingredients that serve one or more of these purposes. And most of the ingredients are sourced or synthesized from natural sources. So, herbal products that offer similar properties as these ingredients can help manage hemorrhoidal troubles. 

Here are some of the ways herbal remedies help hemorrhoidal symptoms.

  • Many well-known herbal remedies offer anti-inflammatory relief that helps alleviate hemorrhoidal swelling. Swollen tissues make the rectal area painful and uncomfortable. And plant-based products that reduce this swelling serve as excellent home remedies for the condition.
  • Some herbal remedies also promote better blood circulation and flow. Blood clots or starved tissues can aggravate hemorrhoidal swelling, and proper blood flow ensures faster healing. 
  • Herbal remedies may also help reduce the bleeding from aggravated veins and tissues. Moderate bleeding remains a common symptom in many hemorrhoidal cases. But correct herbal remedies will help your body regulate the flow and prevent excessive blood loss. 
  • Most herbal remedies meant for hemorrhoids have pain-relieving properties. Whether serving as natural analgesics or soothing agents, herbal remedies have the ability to deliver that much-needed relief when hemorrhoidal symptoms just won’t go away. 

Witch hazel, Aloe Vera, or essential oils are all excellent examples of herbal remedies that offer to heal and relieving benefits for hemorrhoidal patients. 

Witch Hazel and Hemorrhoids: What You Need to Know

Witch hazel is widely considered one of the most useful home remedies that help a variety of illnesses and conditions. The benefits range from acne-fighting properties and skin protection to preventing infection and curing sore throats. 

For hemorrhoids, the key benefit of witch hazel is its anti-inflammatory capability. Swelling veins and their effects remain the most common symptom and pain-inducing results of hemorrhoids. And witch hazel’s astringent character fights inflammation. This property makes it a go-to solution for most people who know its benefits. 

Witch hazel may be present as an ingredient in a lot of hemorrhoidal creams and treatments. However, the liquid form is probably the closest you get to its natural, herbal form. 

Here’s a quick run-through on how to use it. 

  • Use warm water to clean the area affected by hemorrhoids. Consider using a soft or mild soap. 
  • Gently pad and wipe the area preparing it for the witch hazel
  • Pour or drop a small portion of the witch hazel liquid on a soft cloth (or cotton pad)
  • Dab the cloth on the affected area allowing the liquid to soak the tissues
  • Remain still for a few minutes as the witch hazel permeates through the affected area. 

Aloe Vera and Hemorrhoids: What You Need to Know

When you consider Aloe Vera as a herbal remedy, there’s really no shortage of conditions it can treat. For hemorrhoids, it offers a unique combination of benefits that makes it stand out from other remedies. 

As a soothing solution, Aloe Vera serves as an excellent treatment against the burning sensation that hemorrhoids often cause. Prolapsed hemorrhoids or aggravated tissues will itch and burn throughout the day. And the discomfort can ruin your daily life and greatly affect your overall well-being. 

The gel-like texture and cooling sensation from Aloe Vera provides immediate relief from these discomforts. It also keeps your tissues lubricated so that further bruises or tissue damage does not happen. 

Aloe Vera also offers healing qualities when used regularly over an extended period. It can also serve as a soft, protective barrier that prevents further infection or aggravation of the hemorrhoidal tissues. 

Look for fresh Aloe Vera gel or pure Aloe Vera products that come with the vitamins and minerals present in their natural forms. 

For correct application, you can follow the same process as you would for a witch hazel liquid. 

Other Herbal Remedies for Hemorrhoids

While Aloe and witch hazel are excellent natural treatments for hemorrhoids, the effects and benefits may not be the same for everyone. In rare cases, people may even develop allergies to either of them. 

So, if you want to try other herbal remedies that help hemorrhoids, here are some other alternatives.

  • Castor oil is known for its preservative and healing qualities. As an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent, many people use it to manage hemorrhoidal symptoms. 
  • For hemorrhoidal cases with extreme itchiness or skin rashes, herbal products like tea tree oil can protect damaged tissues and promote faster healing too. 
  • Horse Chestnut products can also help maintain healthier blood circulation. 
  • Calendula is a flowery plant used for its aromatic and soothing qualities. For hemorrhoidal flare-ups, Calendula-based solutions can help reduce swelling and provide relief from the searing pain. 

Safety Tips When Using Herbal Remedies for Hemorrhoids

People often market herbal remedies as solutions that suffer zero side effects. While this claim remains true for most instances, it’s always wise to practice some caution before diving headfirst into any herbal products. 

  • Before using any aloe, witch hazel, or other herbal solution, rub a small quantity on a portion of your skin. If you develop any reactions, consider it unsafe for hemorrhoidal use. 
  • If you suffer from a history of allergies to different compounds, do not use the herbal recommendations on your bum directly. Check to see if it triggers allergic symptoms first. 
  • Use in moderation. Even without allergies or reactions, excessive use of herbal products may lead to unpleasant side effects. 
  • Do not try more than two or three different herbal remedies at a time. This way, you can observe the effects without confusion over which product helped your condition. 


Herbal remedies for hemorrhoids remain effective treatment options when topical creams do not work, or surgery is not necessary. 

Use products like Aloe Vera or witch hazel that have a good track record of dealing with and managing hemorrhoidal symptoms across the board. 

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