How To Get Rid Of Fishy Smell From The Anus

Foul odor from your bottom can be the result of several different factors. To get rid of the fishy smell from the anus, you’ll need to take a step-by-step approach to identify the cause. Follow along to find out how to get rid of the fishy smell from the anus. 

What Causes Fishy Smell From The Anus

I’ll get straight to the point without beating too much around the bush. What causes the fishy smell from the anus is bad hygiene practices. 

Many of us, including me, were never taught how to properly wipe after using the toilet. We were left on our own to figure it out, yet no one ever talks about it. 

Now, before you jump and tell me I’m wrong, understand that I’m saying that wiping correctly is the reason in MOST cases. 

Other reasons include hemorrhoids, STIs like gonorrhea or chlamydia, food sensitivity, tight clothes, and moisture. If you are concerned about these health conditions, please speak to your doctor immediately. 

Hemorrhoids and Bad Odor

Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins in the lower rectal or anal area. They can appear inside the anus (internal hemorrhoids) or outside (external hemorrhoids). Factors such as straining during bowel movements, sitting too long, obesity, or pregnancy can cause hemorrhoids.

Internal and External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can cause a bad fishy smell due to the clear discharge they often produce. This foul-smelling material inhibits bacterial growth, resulting in a bad fishy smell and hemorrhoid itching

Another hemorrhoid-related reason is the shape of the hemorrhoids not allowing the anus to close completely. Subsequently, these tiny openings leak small amounts of fecal matter, which emits a foul fishy smell. 

To fight this, use a bidet to thoroughly clean the area and finish with dry toilet paper to remove any moisture. 

Alternatively, as someone with hemorrhoids, I take a quick shower after every pooping. This allows me to go through every nook and cranny out there. 

STIs and Fishy Smell From The Anus

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) such as gonorrhea and chlamydia can, in some cases, cause a bad foul smell. Other symptoms may include discharge, pain while urinating, and bleeding. 

If you have even a sightless concern, no at-home practice will help you with the fishy smell. It would be best to speak to your healthcare professional to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. 

Tight Underwear and Bad Odor

Tight clothes, in this case, underwear, can cause excess sweating and moisture, which is then mixed with bacteria to create a ‘perfect’ mix for a nasty fishy smell. 

Restrictive underwear can irritate the anal area, leading to inflammation and infection. This can also cause a bad odor.

To solve this, wear breathable cotton underwear that allows some ‘aeration’ and absorbs the sweat keeping the skin dry. 


What causes a fishy smell from the anus in males?

The smell can be from bed hygiene, hemorrhoid discharge, bacterial growth from STI, and moisture. 

What causes a fishy smell from the anus in females?

The fishy smell from the anus in females is caused by the same reasons as the males. 

How to make my anus smell-free?

Wipe thoroughly, use a bidet and take regular showers. Avoid tight underwear and keep the area dry. 

What do hemorrhoids smell like?

Bad hemorrhoid odor is caused by mucus discharge that has a fishy smell. 

What do bad odors caused by infection smell like?

Bad odors caused by infection smell like rotten, rank food. 

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As the author of this website, I have firsthand experience with hemorrhoids and want to share what works and what doesn't when it comes to treating this condition. I hope to offer my experience and support to others struggling with hemorrhoids, and provide helpful tips to live a pain-free life.