Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids: A Practical Guide

Hemorrhoids can ruin your daily life when symptoms flare up and leave you helpless. You’re left even more distressed when considering the risks and costs of medical procedures that sound scary and unnerving. 

If these emotions are anything close to what you’re feeling, I’ve got some great news! You can manage most of your hemorrhoidal symptoms without going under the proverbial knife. 

As someone who managed recurring hemorrhoids in the past, here are my gems of wisdom that have worked wonders for people with varying hemorrhoidal conditions. 

How Natural Remedies Can Help Manage Hemorrhoids

Like any other medical condition, hemorrhoids appear when your anatomy begins moving away from its natural functions. 

Let’s take constipation, for example. 

Hard poop and irregular bowel movements lead to hemorrhoids in many cases. Your digestive system has a natural process of softening your poop and making it pass through the intestines till its disposal. Dirupting these natural functions lead to constipation. Maybe the cause is poor hydration or a sedentary lifestyle. 

What’s the fix here? Simply rebalancing natural habits like hydrating and exercising may get your bowel movements back to normal. And in effect, your hemorrhoidal symptoms can reduce and go away eventually. 

This instance is just one example. But the logic applies to most other cases of hemorrhoids. So, tweaks to your diet, lifestyle, and other easy herbal remedies can rebalance your body to overcome hemorrhoidal symptoms. 

Dietary Changes to Help Ease Hemorrhoids

What you put into your mouth makes its way to your intestines ultimately. Consider these dietary tips that help overall health and reduce the effects of hemorrhoids. 

  • Timely hydration

I use ‘timely’ here to mean regular and frequent. Many of us forget to put in the much-needed H2O vital to our bodies. People with active lifestyles or living in humid locations should take extra care in drinking water regularly. Better hydration means softer poop, which implies less risk of hemorrhoids. 

  • Ramp up on Fibers

Fiber foods! I know they don’t seem as mouth-watering or appetizing as greasy foods that pack tons of calories. But they’re still the best options for maintaining lean health and healthy bowels. Throw in as many fruits, veggies, nuts, and whole grains as you can to your diet. 

  • Reduce spice

I’m not suggesting you cut down spices to zero. But limit those outings to Indian restaurants. Spices can aggravate your intestinal tracts and lead to frequent trips to the toilet. 

  • Healthy Probiotics

Your digestive system uses healthy bacteria that help break down food and prepare the leftovers for disposal. Plain yogurt, Kimchi, Kefir, etc., are all good examples. 

Herbal Remedies That Can Help Soothe Hemorrhoids

Herbal treatments for hemorrhoids serve as excellent ways to reduce symptoms. Although they’re not one-stop-cures for the condition, here are some herbal remedies to consider. 

  • Witch Hazel

Always at the top of any hemorrhoidal home remedy, witch hazel remains popular thanks to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities. 

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another hemorrhoidal treatment that soothes, eases, and comforts the annoying symptoms you get during hemorrhoids. 

  • Psyllium

Psyllium is a fiber-laxative that offers the twin benefits of healthier bowel movement and easing of itchiness. You can consider it as both a food item and a herbal medication. 

  • Butcher’s Broom

Considered a traditional remedy, Butcher’s Broom comes in natural forms, creams, and extracts. Use it regularly to relieve swollen veins and for healthier blood vessels. 

Lifestyle Changes to Help Prevent Hemorrhoids

Many cases of hemorrhoids develop from poor habits, lifestyle choices, and patterns in physical behavior. Identifying and correcting these areas will reduce your risks of facing harsh symptoms. 

  • Excessive Straining

Bowel movements are a natural part of everyday life. But straining hard when on the toilet will exert and push your rectal and intestinal tissues. It’s still the biggest cause of hemorrhoids. And if you’re guilty of it, kick the habit now. 

  • Sedentary lifestyle

Do you lounge around the couch longer than necessary? Maybe your work involves sitting at a desk for long hours. Sitting on your bottom for long periods puts additional pressure on your abdomen and behind (bad formula for hemorrhoids). Take frequent breaks from your bed or desk to stretch, change positions, or walk around. 

  • Regular Exercise

On the opposite end of a sedentary lifestyle is a physically active routine. Include regular exercise sessions in your week. Make time to jog or hit the gym during the weekends. Any physical activity that keeps your heart pumping and your limbs moving is a good idea. 

  • Heavy lifting

Construction workers or people who love their DIY projects may fall prey to regular heavy lifting. Avoid lifting and carrying heavy loads regularly. The pressure goes straight to your back and abdomen, which can worsen hemorrhoidal symptoms. Learn proper form and technique if you lift weights at the gym. 

Exploring Other Natural Ways to Manage Hemorrhoids

There are other easy ways to manage hemorrhoidal symptoms without resorting to expensive creams and strenuous surgeries. 

For instance, regular sitz baths at home are probably the simplest way to deal with hemorrhoids effectively. Grab a tub, add warm bath-worthy water, and soak your bottom in it to soothe and ease the discomfort. Sprinkle a dash of Epsom salt for better healing and pain relief. 

Learn proper posture and improve your stance. Make it intentional. Hunched backs or crossed legs are common positions that hurt your spine, and abdomen, and aggravate hemorrhoidal effects too. Practice sitting upright, or consider lumbar-supported chairs for your office. 

Essential oils offer many benefits ranging from cosmetic enhancement to anti-inflammatory properties. Mix a couple of essential oil drops with a milder base and soak the affected area with a cloth. Alternatively, you can consider adding a few drops to your sitz baths or incorporate them into your shower routine. 

You can pair up warm sitz baths with cold compresses, too (not at the same time). Grab some ice cubes from the tray and cover them with a soft cloth. Dab and wipe your anal area with a cloth for relief and comfort. 


Hemorrhoids are aggravating and painful. But natural remedies and healthy lifestyle choices can save you the trouble of facing the surgeon’s knife. 

Put together a wise combination of dietary changes, lifestyle tweaks, and natural treatments to ensure that symptoms are handled and managed at home. 

About the author

As the author of this website, I have firsthand experience with hemorrhoids and want to share what works and what doesn't when it comes to treating this condition. I hope to offer my experience and support to others struggling with hemorrhoids, and provide helpful tips to live a pain-free life.