Preparation H for Hemorrhoids 

Medical professionals may recommend Preparation H for hemorrhoids when you seek relief for symptoms like itching, swelling, and general discomfort. As a hemorrhoidal medication, Preparation H proves to be an effective solution if used under proper medical guidance. 

However, this treatment may also pose risks of side effects for people with specific health conditions. So, understanding how it works, administering it correctly, and being aware of the risks will allow you to draw the most benefit out of the medication. 

What is Preparation H, and how does it work for hemorrhoids?

Preparation H is a brand of medication commonly used to treat hemorrhoidal symptoms. Phenylephrine remains the primary ingredient in this medication because it reduces swelling, decreases itching, and alleviates pain. This medication usually comes in tubes of cream or ointment that you apply topically to the skin or rectal area affected by hemorrhoids. 

Preparation H is not a direct cure for hemorrhoids. But it relieves some of the harsh symptoms that appear with hemorrhoids. 

Phenylephrine, the main ingredient, shrinks the blood vessels and helps reduce the inflammation often associated with hemorrhoids. Preparation H also contains anesthetics like Benzocaine or Pramoxine that can numb the affected area and reduce some of the pain. 

Additionally, your Preparation H may contain glycerin which soothes the skin and helps prevent further infection. 

How do you use Preparation H for hemorrhoids?

The correct application of Preparation H remains vital in ensuring it takes effect. Consult a medical doctor to determine what dose and technique will suit you best. 

I’ll list out a generally acceptable way of administering this medication.

  • Step 1: Cleanse your anal area with warm water and some mild soap. Ensure that you dry off the area after. 
  • Step 2: Attach the applicator to the tube’s mouth (it’s a pointy tube included in the pack). Squeeze out a bit to see if it’s working, and lubricate the tip. 
  • Step 3: OPTIONAL: Lie down on your sides, and bend your top leg inwards. 
  • Step 4: Softly insert the applicator’s pointy tip into your rectum and squeeze it to allow the appropriate amount to enter the affected area. 
  • Step 5: Remain still for a few minutes to let the medication settle down and work its magic. 

What are the potential side effects of using Preparation H for hemorrhoids?

Although the medication is designed to soothe and relieve, Preparation H may have the opposite effect in some people. 

Some common side effects include:

  • Ingredients in Preparation H are known to cause skin irritation and worsen hemorrhoidal symptoms for some people. 
  • Phenylephrine is a potent chemical that may induce headaches or nausea in some patients. 
  • People allergic to one or more of Preparation H’s chemical ingredients may experience itching, swelling, etc. 
  • The combination of chemicals in the medication can cause rectal bleeding in some people. But these cases are very rare. 
  • Anesthetics like Benzocains in Preparation H may irritate the tissues if used excessively. Such cases will see the hemorrhoidal symptoms getting worse. 

The use of Preparation H for hemorrhoids should be moderate and controlled. The strong chemicals in the medication can cause severe issues if overused or applied incorrectly. 

Considering other alternatives may be a wiser choice for people who may develop allergies or negative reactions to Preparation H. 

Are there any alternative treatments for hemorrhoids besides Preparation H?

Yes. I’ve used various medicinal products and remedies that can supplement or replace Preparation H in some cases. 

Here are the ones I’ve found the most effective. 

  • Hemorrhoidal ointments like Analpram-HC or Proctozone-HC are other brand medications that work towards the same objectives as Preparation H (itching, swelling, etc.). 
  • Other over-the-counter solutions like Hydrocortisone creams can also work wonders for many patients. 
  • Witch hazel ointments and products also serve as astringents that contract your tissues and treat inflammation. 
  • Epsom salt baths or sitz baths are also easy home remedies that can treat moderate hemorrhoidal symptoms without rushing to a hospital. 
  • Improving your diet by increasing fiber intake and staying hydrated regularly will also help in healthy bowel movements and ease the hemorrhoids. 

Each of these alternatives to Preparation H provides healing and soothing effects for your hemorrhoids. However, remember that no single solution is a cure-all for the condition. The Analpram-HC ointment may pose an equal risk of side effects as Preparation H or Proctozone-HC. 

Experiencing negative side effects should make you stop using the medication immediately. To avoid these reactions, it’s best to sort out the options with a qualified doctor and decide which alternative will suit you and your body. 

What are the differences between the different types of Preparation H products?

Preparation H comes in various tubes and types with different advantages. 

Based on my experience, here are the names and unique benefits of each Preparation H medication

Preparation H Ointment

The ointment remains the most direct form of using Preparation H. It comes with an applicator tip that you can use to apply the solution inside your rectum. 

Preparation H Cream

Like the ointment, the cream comes in a tube and relieves pain or itchiness. However, you should use the Preparation H cream for topical application on the affected skin, not inside the rectum. 

Preparation H Wipes

The wipes are a convenient product for cleansing your anal area while providing some relief from the discomfort. It also protects the area from further irritation. 

Preparation H Suppositories

Suppositories contain hydrocortisone which helps soothe the swelling and reduces the discomfort too. Preparation H Suppositories also go into your rectum and can be in throughout the day. 

Preparation H Cooling Gel

The cooling gel is an excellent solution for immediate relief at home. It comes with aloe vera and Vitamin E, which help contain the symptoms while keeping the area hygienic. 

Preparation H Totables

Totables are a smaller, more portable version of the Preparation H Medicated Wipes. You can carry them around even when you’re traveling. And the wipes are all biodegradable, easy to use, and flushable. 

Preparation H Medicated Wipes for Women

These wipes are designed especially for women who are experiencing hemorrhoids. They contain additional ingredients like aloe and chamomile, which will soothe, heal, and prevent discomfort. 


Preparation H continues to be a popular treatment among ointments used to treat hemorrhoids. Correct application daily allows the medication to work well in most cases. 

However, side effects remain a concern for people who are sensitive to anesthetic chemicals. The good news is that alternatives like over-the-counter creams and home remedies can work equally well if you consult a medical professional on time. 

OTC creams and ointments are great, but their chemicals may worry health-conscious people. Check out how essential oils can offer a safer and more effective alternative for hemorrhoidal symptoms. 

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